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Article: Activewear Trends of 2022

Activewear Trends of 2022

Activewear Trends of 2022

So what is going on with the Activewear Trends of 2022? Well with more people getting into fitness, newer materials, and the rise in popularity of smart accessories for your workout routines, activewear is currently bigger than ever! While the classics that you need for a great workout will always be in rotation, we’ve noticed plenty of trends come and go in the activewear world – any athlete or fitness enthusiast worth their chops should be keeping their eye on these trends too!

If you're looking to find out what the latest activewear trends in 2022 are, then you've come to the right place. From tank tops to tennis caps, we’ve compiled a short list of all the top trends in activewear so that you can make sure you’re up to date with the scene:

Motion Seamless Crop Top is one of the top Activewear Trends of 2022

Perfect for female fitness lovers, the motion seamless crop top is becoming the go-to top to break out a sweat in. With a ribbed design, seamless composition, long sleeves, and thumb holes, it provides the user with a comfortable top to workout in with plenty of breathability. This crop top is perfect for any female who loves to work cardio since it will allow you to work out with ease and give you enough coolness with its crop design to accommodate for any sweating and perspiration.

We’ve noticed that plenty of people opt for the full set with motion seamless leggings for this trend too, which will certainly give you the gear for the best workout you need! Our motion seamless collection comes in three pastel colors, sure to catch your eye!

Essential Tank Tops are another one of the Activewear Trends of 2022

Moving on to activewear trends for men, an essential tank top is a must-have for any bodybuilding aficionado or anyone who's simply looking for a bit more wriggle room in the clothes they wear to work out. Tank tops have been a staple in the bodybuilding community for years, and this activewear trend certainly hasn't died down in 2022!

The essential tank top is great for anyone who wants to physically see the results of their workout while they're at the gym – it also doubles up as a great top to wear to show the world the progress you've made while working out too!


Thanks to the massive rise of popularity in tennis this year, plenty of people are incorporating caps into their activewear repertoire in 2022. People wear caps in tennis to protect them from getting sunburn and to shade their eyes from the glare of the sun for better accuracy – that makes the cap a great purchase for any tennis lover, but it's also excellent for any outdoor sports lover!
For instance, a long-distance runner could reap just as much benefit from a cap as a tennis player.

The best thing about caps as a 2022 activewear trend is that you don't have to wear your cap to work out, either! A cap will go with plenty of casual outfits and will even protect you from the sun on a casual day out too.

Training Pants

If you’re keeping an open eye around the gym this year, you may be seeing an influx of training pants that the people around you are wearing. There are plenty of reasons why training pants have become such a 2022 activewear trend this year, and one of them is purely comfortability!
Training pants are made of polyester and cotton and make for extremely comfortable trousers to work out in.

On top of being comfortable, training pants also come with zipped pockets. This is essential to anyone who loves a bit of practicality with their workout gear since you can have your phone, keys, or wallet in your training pants during intensive workouts, and you won't ever need to worry about them falling out.

Reflex Scrunch Leggings

As far as activewear trends for bottoms go for the ladies in 2022, reflex scrunch leggings are seeing a meteoric rise. These are a popular choice among people since the design includes a flattering high waist and a scrunch bum detail which aims to contour your figure.

On top of their eye-catching looks, reflex scrunch leggings are also extremely practical for plenty of workouts. They come with a supportive waistband and are sweat and squat-proof. That means you can do just about any exercise in them with confidence that they'll support you with ease.

Performance Tees

Performance tees are one of the most functional activewear trends of 2022. They're a fantastic choice for anyone looking for t-shirts with a muscle-fit design which results in your life at the gym being more smooth. Designed for all movements, this performance tee can be worn during an intense deadlift and a run alike.

Since it's muscle fit, you'll have full movement of your body, allowing you to complete any kind of set or manoeuvre without having to worry about the fabric of your shirt getting in the way. It's no wonder performance tees are consistently top of the charts when it comes to activewear trends; with breathability, functionality and style all wrapped into one, the performance tee should be essential in any man's workout wardrobe.

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Activewear Trends of 2022 Summary

So, there you have it! The activewear world is brimming with some great gear to assist you in getting in shape – whether you're looking for something that compliments your body or something that will make sure you can do your work out to the best ability, these activewear trends of 2022 can do both!

For women, motion seamless crop tops and reflex scrunch leggings came up on top for the best trending activewear. For men, it's the performance tees and tank tops that took the crown for the trendiest activewear in town. And of course, who could forget the trusty cap, which is perfect for any kind of outdoor exercise?

If you're looking to buy the activewear products listed or any type of activewear that's sure to be up to trend and high quality, head over to our shop to browse our full range of products.

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